At last! A sense of perspective on Covid 19

SUCH a joy this week to hear a guest on the BBC talk common sense about the Coronavirus.
Entrepreneur Luke Johnson totally nailed it during an interview on Radio 5 Live although the poor old Beeb is so programmed the truth almost came across as a foreign language.
The first myth Luke exploded is the current ‘old versus young’ divide. We are fast being nurtured to see young people as reckless, potential virus spreaders.
Luke pointed out, quite rightly that young people have virtually no chance of being taken ill from the virus and yet are those who have suffered the most through loss of liberty and now jobs.
When questioned about ‘46,000 who have died of Covid’, he correctly countered by saying ‘died with Covid’ – a far different thing. He also pointed out that Public Health England had admitted scewing the death figures.
Luke rightly accused the BBC and the Government of presenting the crisis ‘out of context’ and rightly said scientists have let us down badly over the last few months.
Thanks Luke and thanks to the BBC for giving him a voice.

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