The shepherd has no more sense of direction than the sheep…..

WHERE are the people of ‘faith’ in the days of the Coronavirus?
Those who tell us they believe in a mighty God who directs their lives and performs all sorts of miraculous deeds.
There will be exceptions to this rule – those who are living up to their words. And if that’s you, I want to know more…
But generally the answer is they are sitting at home whilst the churches are closed, ‘following the rules’, walking round in circles, wearing masks and waiting for the state to provide them with an answer.
In short, they are displaying in plain sight that they have no answers, no direct line to the almighty and no more hope and belief than those they seek to convert.
Meanwhile their leaders are silent. When confronted with a real issue that needs action rather than theory and dogma, they allow the vacuum to be filled by the politicians and scientists.
This is no surprise to me. I’ve known for years that the church – not the people – is part of the problem.
If God is real – and I believe he/she most certainly is – we need people of faith and good works right now.
Yes, I know that for many those works are doing their bit to help their families, working in the community, applying their skills to help keep others alive – all things ‘unbelievers’ also do almost without blinking.
But I’m referring here to leadership. I don’t see Christian or other faith leaders filling us with hope and vision for the future, dispelling doom and gloom.
The Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, in particular, are showing themselves for the empty religious – certainly not spiritual – vessels that they are.
Little wonder fewer and fewer people are going to church in the 21st century. When push comes to shove, they are admitting they don’t believe the words they speak among themselves.

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