Mind control goes far beyond the world of entertainment….

There was a certain irony in Derren Brown’s 20 years of Mind Control programme on Channel 4 last night when The Apocalypse was selected as his show to be reshown.
The Apocalypse where a man is nudged to believe by fake media that the ‘end of the world is nigh’ then finds himself apparently living in a zombie world in which the population is being decimated by a deadly virus.
Naturally it’s not a direct comparison with what is happening now but there are similarities in the methods used to convince people of something that is entirely or partly a bluff.
Overall in last night’s presentation of Derren’s shows of the past, he managed to get paid out for losing tickets at the dogs, take wallets, phones and car keys from ‘victims’ merely by asking and give people what appeared to be a free choice of options only to have made that choice for them.
It’s all entertainment, of course, but there’s a dark side to it. The viewing public goes away thinking the guy is extraordinary when infact he is demonstrating what is possible merely by observation, misdirection and manipulation.
Mind control of the world population works in similar ways. Data is collected on every aspect of our lives. Facebook, ironically, is one of the main vehicles for this. Then it can be predicted very accurately how people will react in given situations.
First we have had the idea of a pandemic seeded in people’s minds. This has been happening over several years. Then last year we had the supreme piece of manipulation – an exercise held to plan out how governments would react if there was to be a ‘coronavirus crisis’.
Even aspects of how to counter narratives from people who see through the programme were discussed. The ‘Derren Browns’ who have real power in this world know all too well that the media will help to herd the people into line.
Unlike Derren’s programme, there is a virus at play – or at the very least some extra factor taking people’s lives that wasn’t there 12 months ago. But by presenting a 24-hour round the clock fear campaign they have taken away our sense of perspective.
A perspective that says that, if you are fit and young, you don’t have too much to worry about from viruses. We’ve even lost the reality that we mix with viruses every day of our lives and that, although flu is dangerous, we don’t lock ourselves away from it just in case we get it.
The world has been hit by a bioweapon, accompanied by a psychological operation of the type even Derren Brown would be proud of.The next stage of this problem-reaction-solution scenario is that the mind controlled seek a remedy that has never worked in the past.Flu jabs are taken every year in their millions. Yet people still get and die of flu. The very same people who are at most risk of Covid 19 – the older and most vulnerable.
Notice also that flu jabs are not a once-in-a-lifetime but offered annually. The same I believe will happen in the case of the partly effecive Coronavirus vaccine that will cause damage to our already compromised immune systems.
The end game is that the population will still be walking around seeking a remedy long after the virus has disappeared or, in the case of The Apocalpyse, was never there at all.

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