Britain’s Covid 19 death figures scam begins to be revealed….

THE British Government’s decision to reduce the fraudulent Covid 19 death figures today is merely the thin end of the wedge
Yes, it’s good we will no longer count people who died 28 days after testing positive – in that case, if you think about it, nobody would ever be recorded as having recovered as we all die eventually!
My point has always been those who go into hospital or suffer at home with life-threatening conditions, then go through a test and happen to be positive.
Plus those who are diagnosed purely on symptoms or added because others in care homes with Covid have died.
Plus those who actually tested negative but are treated in hospital as Covid cases.
Plus those who are wrongly listed as positive because the test is inaccurate – and not even for Covid `19 but Coronavirus.
As a ball park figure, I’d guess it’s more like 10,000 – mostly older people who have died slightly before their time.
Those who have died or will die as a result of the lockdown will be far greater and continue to grow long after the virus has gone.

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