‘Vaccine’ claimed as cause of UK’s ‘second wave’

FUNERAL director John O’Looney (if you laugh once, that’s human, if you laugh twice, you’re subhuman) has lifted the lid on the ‘Covid’ death scam.

In an astonishing (to some) interview with Max Igan, he gives a first-hand account of deaths during the so-called first and second waves in the United Kingdom.

He noted that the increased number of bodies he personally collected at the beginning of the crisis in March and April 2020 were exclusively from care homes.

Not once during his 15 years in the business had he been called to a care home on successive days to collect a corpse. Then he went to care homes every day for three weeks.

He concludes that this would only be statistically reasonable had there been a similar spike in fatalities elsewhere. But he knows that there wasn’t .

John also experienced at first hand the way that deaths were recorded as ‘Covid’, often without any evidence of a doctor having examined the body.

He was then in prime position to see what was really happening in the ‘second wave’. He explains that a very significant rise in deaths occurred after the so-called ‘vaccine’ was rolled out in January 2021.

This continued for three months until ending abruptly in April 2021.

John was in a good position to find out that almost all of the people who died had very recently been ‘vaccinated’. He does not claim to be a medical expert, but he is also not a believer in outrageous statistic

For more information https://davidicke.com/?s=john%20o%27looney

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