SHORTLY after ‘converting’ to ‘Christianity’ via a fiercely evangelical UK church in the mid-1980s, I was confronted with very shocking information.

Literature about the so-called ‘end times’ instinctively appealed to me. Even then, 36 years ago, I believed our world was on the verge of major change.

The Book of Revelation, with its many mysterious, coded prophecies, remained a closed door to me, save for the basic message that our ‘age’ was coming to a traumatic end and another, infinitely more harmonious and peaceful, was destined to emerge.

What surprised me most was a ‘revelation’ that the New World Order, the tyrannical, negative drivers of change towards a One World Government and totalitarian control, included much of what I termed ‘the church’.

In other words, rather than leaping out of the frying pan of ‘evil’ and leaving behind my ‘sin’ to join believers in Jesus, I had merely signed up, in theory, for another form of Satan’s plan.

I managed to put this uncomfortable thought to one side during my subsequent six years in that church and the few years afterwards when I remained largely sympathetic to the ‘religion’ but events of the last 18 months or so have brought this powerful message back to my mind.

There is, in my view, no more convincing reason why ‘the church’ has so pathetically and tragically bowed the knee to ridiculous, yes evil, Covid protocols, headed of course by the life-inhibiting ‘vaccine’, than the realisation Christianity is largely controlled by a spirit of religion, rather than spirituality.

I speak naturally with a broad brushstroke. Even in the last few months, I have begun to get to know several people, like myself, who have eventually felt compelled, after years of struggle, to quit the church – whilst never wanting to close the door on the Christ Himself.

One spoke with me openly after her horror of turning up at her apparently ‘free church’, allegedly not bound by the dogma and rules of the ‘denominations’, and being presented with a GP delivering a three-line whip on ‘thou must take the vaccine’.

Naturally there are many exceptions among church leaders throughout the world. These stand for truth amid an (un)scientific onslaught that seemingly renders all belief and faith as meaningless and useless.

However my point remains that we need generally to look outside of ‘the church’ and ‘Christianity’ not only for the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, but also for the real meaning of Christ’s incarnation on this beautiful planet.

I now believe that the brutal murder of the Son of God was designed and planned to shine a light for all of us with ‘ears to hear and eyes to see’ at this seemingly very dark time in our history.

Truth has never sat well with the powers of this world. The conflict that Jesus faced, not with ordinary people who often lapped up his words, but those in authority both in government and in state-controlled religion, is much the same as truth-seekers live with in 2021.

Truth-seekers today feel instinctively we, too, are ‘in but not of this world’ in the sense that our values are diametrically opposed to how our planet is currently being run.

We are not being faced with being nailed on a cross. But we are having to die to at least some of what we treasured in the past and allow our reputations in the eyes of the majority to be destroyed.

The reason why we are prepared to go through such a trial, aka tribulation, is because we share the belief that life, true life, is not confined to a physical body on a relatively small 3d planet.

‘Doing the right thing’ has never necessarily meant going along with the majority but neither should we condemn out of hand those who have chosen the opposite path.

Jesus had several opportunities, even in the limited reporting of his life, to not only protest his innocence but to fight those – some knowing, most clueless – who condoned his death,

The fact he didn’t do so, tells me something very poignant.

Jesus knew our battle was against ‘principalities and powers’ and ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’ rather than the mainstream human population.

Instead he told his accusers they ‘didn’t know what they were doing’ – another message we need to take on board today.

We can protest and seek to enlighten – and that is necessary and valuable – but everyone is playing their role in what is shortly to come.

For only by going through the lower frequency way of putting this crisis to rights and seeing governments, corporations, financial institutions et al collapse will we see a new world emerge.

‘Light’ will no longer abide with ‘darkness’. And individuals will be defined not by their religions or any other affiliation but for their love of the truth when it potentially costs everything we hold dear.

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