WHILST not wishing to promote ‘the church’ or any other man-made religion, the words of Jesus Christ nevertheless have never spoken more directly to the heart than in 2021.

! Timothy 6 v 10 states ‘For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil’.

Other translations are still more direct, suggesting that money itself  is the problem.

Relating these words to modern-day life is hampered by our understanding of ‘evil’.

This tends to be viewed as a very extreme act, whereas I interpret it as being any act contrary to the interests of humanity as a whole’ ‘Evil’, after all, is ‘live’ spelt backwards for a reason because wrongful acts are an inversion of truth.

The role ‘money’ plays in our thinking is so ingrained in our brainwashed, secular and materialist society that most are unlikely to view our actions as ‘evil’.

In drawing attention to this, I am in no way excusing my own behaviour.

All of us, at some time or another gain ‘money’ through being somewhere between economical with the truth and downright lies.

Consider, for example, sales and marketing. Neither activity is considered remotely ‘evil’ by the general populace. Yet both are based on the proviso that it is perfectly above board to do and say whatever is necessary for the sake of profit.

But is it acceptable for ‘money’ to take priority over health? Or is ‘profit’ an example of ‘all kinds of evil’ when it takes first place in matters of life and death.

I’m not judging individual doctors, nurses and health professionals. That’s not my place.

However there have been multiple examples of incentives given to them during the Covid 19 crisis to make decisions that are arguably not in our interests.

This is not new. To believe your local GP is an expert on all forms of medication may be comforting but is, in reality, little more than a fairytale. Instead, he or she often takes direction from sales professionals who themselves have little or no medical expertise but are working on behalf of Big Pharma.

So, in effect, compliance takes place along the line with money being a major factor. We have all heard stories of GPs offered holidays or other social benefits in return for prescribing targeted doses of medication.

This, I’d suggest, is what is happening now with the so-called ‘vaccine’ rollout.

Medication is passed on from the manufacturers with the self-recommendation that is ‘safe’ and ‘effective’.

It is then not in the interests of anyone down the line to question that point of view.

Not when each and every dose administered has a financial value – and each and every doubt expressed is likely to lead to disciplinary action and/or dismissal with a subsequent financial loss.

I’m not suggesting all medical professionals operate in the same way. There have been notable cases of doctors and nurses who have spoken out publicly.

I attach here a link to such a whistleblower.  This brave lady has lost her job and her reputation. That may just be the start.

But what she hasn’t lost is still more previous – her soul.

As a professed Christian, she will understand the words of Jesus better than most.

Kate Shemirani and Mahoney Hit The Truth On Big Pharma – Digital Warriors UK

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