A YEAR ago, I was presented with an interesting dilemma.

After never having accumulated much money, I was given the opportunity to work five or more days a week and earn the highest wage of my life – I’m currently approaching my 60th birthday.

The problem was I didn’t believe in what I was asked to do – administrate PCR testing for individuals who agreed to take part in research.

This might sound strange to some. But, from the early months of the Covid 19 crisis, I became aware of the founder of the PCR test Dr Kary Mullis and his explicit and impassioned plea that this SHOULD NOT be used to detect or diagnose disease.

I also discovered information on just how random those results are as a different number of cycles are used to determine a positive or negative.

I compare this to the Breathalyzer. This records how much alcohol you have in your blood. Altering the allowable limit automatically changes the number of positives in the same way as increasing or decreasing the cycles used changes the virus diagnosis. It’s a scam, folks!

This left me with a major hole in my life. What should I do next?

I decided to go back to what I know best – writing.

Nothing to change the world – not at first anyway! – but I was looking to ghost-write books.

Within a few short weeks, I had five projects on the go. It was  as if when I finally made my decision and discarded the wrong way to go, the universe opened up opportunities for me.

One bit the dust and another has been suspended. But the three major projects have now all come to fruition.

I have spent long hours with three sportsmen, written their life stories and had them published.

In all cases, this was a labour of love. I thoroughly enjoyed talking and writing for former footballers Terry Curran and Gary Mills and Steve Ward, three-time Guinness Book of World Records holder as the oldest professional boxer in the world.

Anyone interested in getting more details about any of these books is very welcome to contact me at jbrinders@yahoo.co.uk

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