Proof pharmaceutical giants Pfizer are NOT working in your interests

GOOD PEOPLE – and the vast majority of the world population fit into this category – take a lot about Governments and large corporations for granted.

But often we do so at our peril.

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that pharmaceutical companies are invested in public health. But that is either a gross simplification or downright untrue.

Ponder this. If you are part of an army, you are part of a team. It doesn’t matter too much whether it’s you or your colleague who makes the decisive contribution as long as you are successful in your mission. Inevitably there will be exceptions, but generally it’s a case of ‘all for one and one for all’.

Sports teams are much the same. Yes, there will always be glory hunters who aren’t satisfied unless they score the winning goal. But, generally, the team ethic predominates.

So how do you think the pharmaceutical giants approach a health crisis such as Covid 19?

Naturally they are going to want their pound of flesh in terms of payment for the contribution they make. The ‘vaccine’, whether we like it or not, cost money to develop and produce. So it was always going to be a big earner for companies like Pfizer.

But did they enter the war on Covid as a team player?

Is their attitude ‘it doesn’t matter if it’s our vaccine or someone else’s drug or any other course of action that does the trick, as long as the population’s health is protected’?

Read this article and make your own mind up.

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