This explains why the Climate Change conference is pure pantomime and garbage.

World leaders have never been interested in solutions for financial reasons.

‘TESLA developed a large number of electrical-type machines around the turn of the 1900s. One of his major successes was to tap into what he called the ‘aether’ to provide ‘free’ energy.

‘Essentially, Tesla found a way of powering his car, plane and domestic appliances using electromagnetic energies.

”He went as far as to build a major ‘power station’ in America to prove that every electrical-type appliance could be powered in this way.

‘His major financial backers removed their finance when they found there was not a profit to be made as, after the initial construction costs, all of the energy to power cars, home appliances etc was free.

‘Think of it, we could have had cost-free and pollution-free energy for over 100 years but because the oil companies could not make a profit on the energy, Tesla’s work was stopped and made secret, as has the work of several people who have managed to emulate Tesla’s work.

‘You could argue that we are beginning to change our destructive ways by slowing switching to ‘Bio-fuels’ except that the growing of these crops on prime agricultural land has led to world food prices rising by over 35 per cent (this was written in 2011).

”This price increase has led to many thousands of people starving to death and the irony is that the exhaust gasses from burning biofuels are more environmentally toxic than burning petrol or oil.

‘So we continue to be destructive to our environment all for the sake of the greed of a few people’.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil – 1 Timothy 6 v 10

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