IT all started with ‘stay at home, protect the NHS’.

But Covid protocols ALWAYS result in the opposite happening.

We stayed at home – largely – through two separate lockdowns and what has been the result? The NHS is in a far more perilous state now than it was in either March or November 2020 – with the longest ever waiting lists and the very real possibility they will be busier than ever this winter.

Now a similar catastrophe is happening to our care homes. Remember how disastrously care home residents were treated earlier in this crisis? Thrown out of hospitals and medicated to sleep.

Now we were told care home staff needed to be double vaccinated to ‘protect’ residents. Again, the consequences of this Covid mandate mean they will be anything but protected.

So many care home staff are likely to lose their jobs on Thursday that it is widely reported that 500 homes will close. No mention of what will happen to the residents. Will they be thrown back into hospital or chucked back into their former homes? One thing’s for certain, this mandate means the care they will be given in future will be even worse than they have had to endure for the past 20 months.

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