HERE we go again! At every turn in this man-made crisis we get something to move the goalposts just when the people think – wrongly, of course – that things are moving in the right direction.In the very early days, the message was ‘lock down, stay at home, protect the NHS and we will flatten the curve in 12 weeks’.Then when that appeared to work – in reality we just came out of the annual coronavirus season – we were told we needed to wear masks – a total U-turn on the ‘science’ of a few months previously – and wait for a ‘vaccine’ which, miracle of all miracles, was going to be produced at world record speed and world record lack of safety checks on short, medium and particularly long term conseq😀uences.Then, praise the Lord – the dark one who is currently making mayhem in this world – came the ‘vaccine’ itself. And guess what came with it – the variants!.Science lesson number one: viruses mutate, even man-made ones. But somehow it waited until the vaccine rollout to do so. Really?Then came the start of what will soon enough be shown to be either the most reckless experiment in human history or pure genocide. Take your pick.A medical trial – and that’s what it still is – was rolled out not to a very selected bunch of people, as with all other trials, but to the entire world population – minus those bright, suspicious and brave enough to just say ‘no’. Immediately, almost in advance, it was declared to be a ‘great success’.Since when did medics announce the result of a trial before it was over? In truth, it had barely started.In reality, there was a significant rise in the number of deaths immediately after the rollout – hardly surprising when extremely vulnerable older people were being given highly toxic medication – which was conveniently written off as Covid!Oh yes, we were actually told from day one that the so-called Covid vaccine didn’t prevent people from getting Covid! We were also told they didn’t know whether the ‘vaccinated’ could still transmit the virus. That was a ‘yes’ that has since been conceded.So the jabbed rather than ‘getting back to normal’ needed to wait, masked, isolated and miserable, for a couple of weeks for this medication to kick in, whilst having to face the ordeal all over again in a few months’ tiime (no mention of the third, or fourth, or fifth, jab then, of course).And so, lo and behold, we move out of the coronavirus season again and things appear to improve for a while. Would you believe it? But now reality is staring us in the face. It’s winter, or thereabouts, and the hospitals are very busy – as they always are!But something else is happening. More and younger people are passing away or becoming very ill, particularly with heart issues. How can our overlords explain that one?Sportsmen and women are ‘the story’, the public’s connection with what is going on. This is because their names are well known.But for every professional footballer who collapses, there’s an ordinary young person not in the limelight.This week a contact of mine wrote of a 32-year-old woman who died ten days after taking the so-called ‘booster’. A tragedy for the family, some of whom will be putting two and two together, but a non-event for the test of us who wouldn’t usually get to know about it.My friend, a funeral director, reports he is currently very busy. When he picks up bodies, he asks out of his own interest whether the deceased has been vaccinated. “Yes, we can’t believe it, he has been ‘fully jabbed'” is the common answer.So what is the cover story for the current death and illness?Can’t rely on plain old Covid – after all, the vaccine is supposed to prevent that – so here comes another variant right on cue!Prepare folks for another lockdown and an even more ridiculous call for vaccination.If getting 70 per cent of the population ‘fully jabbed’ and many triple jabbed’ doesn’t do the trick, then getting 100 per cent vaccinated surely wiil. Eh, where’s the logic in that? ‘Science’ once again being turned upside down.That’s why I have posted about 100 per cent vaccinated Gibraltar – are things improving there? No, they were reported a week ago as being more restricted and on the verge of lockdown.Where, oh where, is there an example of the vaccine actually working?Working as in cases being reduced, overall population death being reduced and life returning to normality. Instead we seem certain to repeat the same vicious cycle.Close everything and everyone down, isolate people from the health care they need – the ones who are ill with far more dangerous conditions than Covid – and batter more businesses into submission.There may be a ‘variant’. We will wait and see. But the biggest new medical challenge facing the country is the vaccine. The saviour is becoming our enemy. It’s almost as if ‘scientists’ started all this in the first place!

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