FACT and fiction are both legitimately used in broadcasting. But when fiction is presented as fact, we have a serious problem.

Donald Trump famously termed it ‘fake news’. I’d respectfully offer another word also beginning with ‘f’ : FRAUD!

This clip is presented to the general public as a genuinely ill Covid sufferer in hospital telling us he wished he had taken the vaccine. We’ve heard that line somewhere before, haven’t we?

It certainly fits the mainstream narrative promoted by Governments and media throughout the world. Then it transpires that the subject of the piece Henry Dyne is an award-winning ‘crisis actor’! Furthermore a simple bit of research into his LinkedIn entry reveals Henry to be a ‘key account manager’ with Computacenter, a business that has profited financially from the pandemic.

So what has happened here? Clearly, what passes for a news item has been produced with a film crew, reporter and an actor, posing as a member of the public. The preconceived mission was to file a news report to further the case for the vaccine. Job done, The report is filled, the crew, reporter and actor were presumably paid but millions have been well and truly duped.

The question I’d wish to know the answer to is: how widespread is this fraudulent practice that passes for journalism but is really a form of propaganda? I can’t tell you. But I’d like to make an intelligent guess that the reason Henry Dyne is an award-winning crisis actor isn’t that he is the only one.

In recent months, I’ve seen several videos which also look very suspicious. When you hear the word ‘action’ and a group of people lay down in a road playing dead, you do begin to wonder….’Crisis actors’ are used to present an agreed narrative. Sometimes they themselves are unaware of the scam. A new friend of mine, a funeral director, was approached by the BBC at the beginning of the ‘crisis’ and asked to do an interview.He explains that not only was he presented with full protective equipment – which he had not worn before or since – but was told what to say.In this case, he wasn’t an official crisis actor in Henry Dyne’s mould but being used as such.

In my view, ‘crisis actors’ are most commonly used to promote ‘false flags’ or ‘psychological operations’.Like Covid 19, these are not total hoaxes. The Twin Towers, for example, did fall down – it was the how, why and who that was fed to us as ‘false’ information. Likewise, almost everything we have been told about Covid is very questionable.

One event I have always been suspicious of was the alleged murder of Labour MP Jo Cox very close to the Brexit referendum in 2016.One red flag was the ease with which supposed eyewitnesses were found to expound the exact narrative that suited national media down to a tee – Thomas Marr was a racist hater of the European Union when there was no real evidence that was the case.I would go as far as to suggest Ms Cox herself was the central ‘crisis actor’ in that scenario.

But that’s another story.

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