WE ARE being lied to again!

When UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said today that ’90 per cent of people in ICU are unvaccinated’, he is deliberately misleading you in a bid to get more people to take ‘the booster’.

You will notice that this horror story has already been rewritten to say ’90 per cent of people who haven’t had the booster’.

This is the way things work – and it is insidious. You are only labelled as ‘vaccinated’ if you are up-to-date with all their vaccine orders. Therefore the many millions who a few weeks ago were ‘fully vaccinated’ are now labelled – officially at least – as ‘unvaccinated’ because they haven’t taken all three.

This is how the evil vaccine passports work. You will not maintain the green light of a ‘Covid pass’ unless you are fully up to date. At all times, remember this: everything is aimed at getting people jabbed.

No official stats or sanctioned statements will be released to suggest anything other than ‘take the vaccine’. The vaccine passport model with people falling by the wayside when they don’t ‘take the booster’ also conveniently gives a false impression about hospitalisations and deaths.They can then write you off as ‘unvaccinated’!

Basically, the vaccinated are now on the hamster wheel until this nonsense gets taken down. For your sake, I hope that is sooner rather than later. Because every injection causes damage to your immune system.

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