AT the beginning of this psychological operation, two words were constantly pumped at us – ‘coronavirus’ and ‘Covid’ , the former, essentially the common cold; the latter, a potentially lethal disease. Two very different things.

Today, as for several months, we only hear of Covid. This clever word play has convinced millions they have a serious disease – when, in all probability, they haven’t.

The PCR test is for coronavirus, not Covid 19. It can’t possibly diagnose a serious lung condition. But now, through programming and word trickery, most people believe a positive PCR test means ‘I’ve got Covid’. No! you haven’t. You have tested positive for a viral load, which may in a small minority of cases lead to a serious illness – a chance enhanced if you have co-morbidities or are elderly.

This deliberately caused confusion is now leading football clubs and countries to report they are being hit by Covid. Ask yourself are hospital wards full of young footballers fighting for their lives? An increasing number – this is the coronavirus season, after all – have a cold or even flu whilst others have no infection at all because of a ‘false positive. which leads you to be wrongly labelled as an ‘asymptomatic Covid’ case. There is no evidence this exists yet it still plays a key role in the ongoing crisis.

Remember the AIDS epidemic. We were fed the words HIV, a virus, and AIDS, a very serious health condition. Again, two very different things. The test was for HIV not AIDS. If you tested HIV positive, it was made clear that you may or may not develop ‘full blown AIDS’. You were not an AIDS case.

Had we followed the Covid process, all HIV positive cases would have been regarded as AIDS patients and the terror that gripped the world would have bene multiplied many times. There was however enough smoke and mirrors in the ways AIDS was handled and the manic going down the vaccine route to alert none other than Dr Kary Mullis – yes, the same guy who invented the PCR test and emphatically told us it should not be used to either detect or diagnose any specific condition.

He asked for the scientific papers to confirm that the virus was indeed responsible for AIDS and got exactly the same answer as researchers get today when they ask for evidence that a new virus has been isolated. None!

Dr Mullis died – ironically just before the latest coronavirus outbreak – believing that the vaccine AZT, developed as a result of blaming a virus for AIDS, was responsible for far more deaths than the disease itself. Now do you see why it was such a timely coincidence that he left the planet before he could fight the unscientific nonsense that has underpinned almost all we have been told about Covid 19.

The confusion of coronavirus and Covid and the massive lie that a positive PCR test – which can’t detect or diagnose any disease – equals a disease is causing mayhem throughout the world. It provides ‘cases’ that aren’t ‘cases’, ‘hospitalisations’ that are not Covid hospitalisations and deaths from all causes relabelled as ‘Covid’.

Ask yourself if you are suffering from a serious disease or merely a ‘test case’? My sympathy, of course, if you are indeed the former – this is a horrible disease. But you are in the minority.

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