THANK goodness, there are some things which we can all – or 99 per cent of us – agree on.

Whether you’re a firm follower of the Covid narrative or the most sceptical sceptic, I don’t think many will accept Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘heartfelt apology’ for attending a ‘bring your own booze’ lockdown party.

We may be stupid, but we ain’t that stupid!

Let’s try to think why this happened. Can we connect the dots ang get a feel for the bigger picture?

Firstly, Boris is not alone. The very person whose computer modelling landed us in lockdown Professor Neil Ferguson broke all the rules his work caused by having an affair with a married woman. Not much social distancing or households staying apart there.

He was strongly condemned by the then Health Sectretary Matt Hancock who was subsequently exposed for doing exactly the same thing. Hancock, remember, was absolutely at the forefront of the Government’s response to Covid but his actions contradicted his words.

.Is there no end to the Government’s hypocrisy?

Perhaps we should consider this. Would very senior educated people knowingly put their own lives at risk – which is true if you follow the narrative they themselves have promoted?

I’d respectfully suggest it’s more likely they know full well that the risks from Covid – at least prior to the vaccine – were fairly low and the only significant risk they ran was of getting caught.

Here’s another example: after a short suspension of professional football, young footballers have been playing a very physical sport week in week out with no thought of social distancing – aside from when they laughably used to come onto the pitch from separate parts of the ground before getting to grips with each other – often literally – during the game itself.

For much of that time the fans were banned whilst the players, who get much closer to each other, played on.

Doesn’t that also tell you something?

The elite traditionally have the knowledge but provide us, the masses, with a dumbed down version. They have continued living their lives much the same way during Covid and allowed sport as a form of entertainment and frivolity – plus a huge bonus for the gambling industry and therefore the economy that they oversee.

The masses – those who followed the nonsensical rules – are the ones who really should have egg on their faces. They were sold a pup and continue to be blind to it. Your leaders are merely taking the piss – as they always do.

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