THIS is the way Royalty, or rather The Crown, works – cut off the hand that offends and keep up the pretence the rest of the body is sound and healthy.

Let’s remember that the same people who are throwing Randy Andy under the Royal bus now are the ones who have been doing everything possible to ensure he didn’t face justice.

When the first summons arrived at Buckingham Palace several years ago ordering Andrew to give evidence, it was routinely ignored.Instead of responding as anyone else would have done, our noble Queen merely gave her favourite son a higher honour – that gave him greater protection from proseuction.

A PR war has been waging since on Andrew’s behalf but this became unhinged when the pompous and arrogant Duke of Pork crazily decided to give an interview to the state’s propaganda arm, the BBC, and scored an horrendous own goal.I think that interview persuaded a lot of sceptics to get off the fEnce and call a spade a spade – or, in Andrew’s case, a liar a liar.Now the game is up. There’s no defending him any more as he will rightly face a civil lawsuit.

So don’t be fooled by the way The Crown is withdrawing its protection and support. They are doing so primarily for self preservation. The better of two evils from their point of view is that the adoring public view Andrew as the bad apple – a Jimmy Savile among a group of the highest moral elite.

But, as Norman Baker, the former Home Office minister and a renowned author on Royal affairs, says this will not work. The mud will stick and more people will begin to join the dots and see the bigger picture.

.Andrew is not any different from most of the other Royals. He has merely been caught. It could just as easily have been Charles, still technically ouR future monarch, in the dock.

And, yes, even the chief Lizzie and her dark late husband have big questions they have never begun to answer.

The reason paedophiles have commonly been associated with The Royals is because they are at home there. Andrew’s behaviour was par for a despicable and lawless course.

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