WE’RE all guilty to a certain extent of viewing events from our own ‘bubble’, our beliefs, if you like.

Once you believe a certain thing, you will find more information and circumstances to back up that belief. That’s the nature of the life we live.

A daft example is when we’re feeling lonely and down. It’s then that it appears the world is full of couples holding hands and looking happy when obviously, in reality, nothing has changed.

I won’t apologise for speaking out about my beliefs because the alternative ‘bubble’ has been propagandised on our televisions and in front of our faces non stop for two years.

Anyway, here’s a better example of how the same events can be interpreted in radically different ways.

Former football and full-time money maker, Gary Lineker spoke this week about his ‘Covid’ adventure.

In a statement packed with Covid-correctness to complement his status as a BBC presenter, he says he began to feel ‘unwell’ on a plane flying back from Cape Town despite ‘wearing a mask for the whole time’.

He then says he has ‘got Covid’ and hopes he didn’t pass it on to any of the other passengers.

And he praises ‘our brilliant scientists’ in anticipation that he would have been more ill if he hadn’t got the jabs.

Now let’s look at those events in a different way.

Lineker without any reasonable doubt is tripled jabbed and wears a mask.

There’s no suggestion that he has ‘had Covid’ before yet after taking the jabs, which you’d think would reduce his chances of getting it, he then tests positive.

He then reiterates the myth that a positive test equals a disease.

Perhaps we need to go back to when AIDS was seen as the main health threat.

Then we were told – correctly – that testing positive for HIV, the virus some scientists tell us causes AIDS, didn’t mean it would develop into ‘full blown AIDS’ ie a dangerous disease.

There are many people who test positive for HIV who never get AIDS and most who ‘test positive for coronavirus’ do not get the disease called Covid.

Lineker’s example highlights how programming is so strong on vaccines that even failure is regarded as a success.

Two years of not getting the virus and then getting it post vaccine is seen as a success on the basis that ‘it would have been worse if I hadn’t had the jab’ – a belief that may or may not be true.

As for the mask wearing, perhaps breathing back in his own bacteria for hours isn’t the most healthy of ways to fly.

In any case, the transmission of viruses on airplanes is well documented. Pre Covid, the two places where you were most likely to pick up a bug were hospitals and in the air. In that sense, things haven’t changed.

I read this week of another case in which a triple jabbed individual contracted the virus with significant symptoms within 24 hours of his booster.

Yet instead of concluding that the jab didn’t work, he mourned that it wouldn’t have happened had he received it earlier!

I don’t interpret Lineker’s situation as speaking of ‘brilliant scientists’.

Give us a jab which actually immunises the population without significant side effects and that title might be appropriate.

Instead the ‘brilliant scientists’, in my ‘bubble’, are those who have consistently warned against taking the Covid vaccine. In my ‘bubble’, they have already saved many lives.

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