THANK you to The Light Paper (February issue, page 13) for informing me of the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s comment: “Go and get boosted; go and get vaccinated; it’s how we love our neighbour.”

I was truly shocked but not even a little surprised.

The ‘shock’ was reserved for when I was first alerted to where some of ‘the church’ is really coming from.

As a newly evangelised ‘born again Christian’, I was shocked reading American-based literature 30 odd years ago claiming that the established church, or at least part of it, would be seen ‘in the end times’ as part of the New World Order, the movement to create one centralised world  government, one currency and, yes, even one ‘religion’.

I rationalised a potential blow to my new-found faith by believing the words of my ‘church’ leaders that ours was  a ‘non-denominational’ church and therefore nothing to do with the establishment or the state.

My own personal story of how I subsequently drifted away from ‘the church’ is irrelevant. But during the Covid 19 drama in particular, I have felt much happier being on the outside of an organisation, whilst retaining and developing my faith.

There was just a little shock – and more anger – when a young woman at our local Stand in the Park told me her ‘exit’ story. She turned up to her, also fringe evangelical church, one Sunday to be confronted by a medic laying down the law on vaccination.

She told me she just wanted to run – and not come back. God bless her, I truly believe she never will.

Elsewhere came stories of closed churches, then masked congregations and selfies of ‘Christians’ telling the ‘good news’ of their Covid vaccination to the social media world. Was this all evidence of ‘the truth will set you free’ as Jesus Christ promises or Satan’s grip on our minds and the world?

In recent years, I’ve researched much that makes perfect sense of the established church – Anglican and Roman Catholic in particular – being part of what we now call ‘the new normal’.

I had a long association with a strident Vicar who believed his Anglican church was being manipulated by Freemasons. Having read and researched deeper, I’d now say the link between the Anglican Church, particularly ‘high’ church, and Freemasonry is so strong, they probably thought he, as a ‘gospel’ preacher, was infiltrating their church, rather than the other way around.

As for Rome, it is so compromised by paedophilia and shrouded in smoke and mirrors through the unaccountable Vatican state, I have long since discarded it as being on the side of light and truth. And, of course, the pro-vaccine comment of Pope Francis was also included in the same Light article.

Freemasonry, through its initial insistence that new members have a faith, leads to the false light of Lucifer, the angel who rebelled against God and inverts the truth. How appropriate then that its puppets in today’s church are preaching slavery and ultimately death, instead of freedom and life.

None of this is a criticism of individual believers. Naturally much of the pushback against the Covid hoax and the Great Reset comes from people of ‘faith’, Christian and otherwise.

Those who recognise and embrace a higher force than us and believe in eternal life are better equipped to resist so-called scientists who have been ‘playing God’ for decades and now have used their worldly and bodily knowledge to affect our lives.

Looking through their atheist, materialist lenses, they see the world in part. I note that scientists with faith have been among those pointing the world to the bigger picture.

My Jesus, or Jesus as I understand him, looks at much of today’s church as ‘unbelievers’. He will not condemn them for being vaccinated ‘because they know not what they are doing’  – yes, even Justin Welby and Pope Francis – but would tell the truth about Covid and set us free – free from the vicious cycle of fear and damaging and controlling injections.

The Covid programme has separated many into two distinct camps. Whether we like it or not, ‘grey’ areas have been discarded and we see clearly those who are with us and those who are against us. 

Family ties, long term friendships or even fellow members of churches are not the issue. You’re either for the New World Order – and that includes those who barely recognise the phrase but who comply with its mandates – or you will continue to resist it with all your physical and spiritual might.

It’s my belief there will be more and more ‘shocks’ in coming months and years as we discover where many people with similarly high public profiles to the likes of the religious leaders stand.

In return, many reviled and cast aside by the ‘masonic’ media as conspiracy nutters and the like will be seen as light.

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