Have been thinking in recent weeks more widely about the Covid vaccine.

I now think this is more a light bulb moment over what Big Pharma has ALWAYS been dishing out to us rather than something that new.

This thought was confirmed last night when I heard a statistic that pharmaceutical products are the THIRD biggest killer in the UK, behind only cancer and heart disease.

Take that in for a moment, drugs are supposed to help us – and in some cases they do. But they can also be a killer.

It has long since been my view that cancer patients, for example, often die as a result of chemotherapy rather than the condition itself.

To some extent, however, chemotherapy treatment is justifiable on the grounds that, unlike the Covid vaccine, it is only administered when people are already in a life or death situation and therefore don’t have much to lose.

I’m not suggesting that products are deliberately made to kill people but that insufficient care is taken to know how one drug reacts with another.

How many prescriptions are made to sort out a problem caused by a previous drug also given on prescription?

It was impossible, given the record speed that the vaccine was rolled out in, to make any assessment of how taking this would affect people on other medication.

When we go to our GP, we are looking for an individual assessment – not how the population in general would cope with a drug.

You simply can’t have a form of medication that is equally sensible for a 12-year-old and a 95-year-old – or a fighting fit athlete as oppose to someone in a care home.

This has, in short, been a reckless experiment. Brought out in haste but they will have to repent over many years.

Big Pharma has always been a business with its main aim being to provide profits for its shareholders.

They grasped an outstanding chance to make a financial killing – but there continue to be many people paying the cost of that through their health.

What will happen in the future?

The unawake and unaware will continue to take anything and everything their GP recommends – that’s the sad truth. The man in the white coat must know what he is talking about!

But there is also a widespread waking up to the idea we must take more personal responsibility and realise that we have the final decision over what goes into our bodies.

I am currently on no medication. Of course, I would take a drug to ease a condition if the benefit versus risk suggests there are no serious side effects.

But I will always be aware after this catastrophe that GPs are not generally health experts.

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