IT’S entirely appropriate that the ‘Jubilee’ comes at a time of almost unprecedented financial crisis.

The real meaning of Jubilee is a time when indebtedness is cancelled and land returned to the people.

But The Crown, of which the Monarch is the figurehead, inverts everything to give us the opposite of what we should have.

In an apparently free and democratic country, it gives us tyrannical rule by an unelected Monarch – in this case whose family were Nazi-supporting Germans (research the true reason for the abdication of the King).

Instead of serving the nation, The Crown screws and harvests the people – from our birth when we are sold to the state as an employee/slave to our physical death when we pay for the privilege.

The Crown prevents the Government from serving us – and again instead we get taxed and screwed all our lives.

No politician takes an oath to serve the people, they take an oath to serve The Queen and therefore The Crown – a totally different thing altogether.

Even the leader of ‘Her Majesty’s Opposition’ – there is in reality no opposition – has to take a special oath by becoming a member of the Privy Council in which he or she pledges never to act against the interests of The Crown.

Even our religion is compromised by having The Queen as head of the Church of England, ensuring it will always be a state church and go nowhere spiritually.

Images during the next few days will centre on a very elderly and frail woman – someone who has stoically stuck to her task at great personal cost (Royalty themselves are in effect screwed by being part of an awful system).

This will be an almost nationwide ‘energy grab’ similar to Royal Weddings and births – a time when our attention is given to one subject.

But the future for the Monarchy is grim. The people will not so easily accept Charles whose failings – unlike his mother – have been readily on show to the nation for decades.

He is not liked and not respected – and never will be.

The best argument Royal devotees come up for for continuing with this farce – which is no more divine, nor noble – than the worship of Kim Yung Un in North Korea – is ‘what is the alternative?’

Therefore we remain a deluded, brainwashed ‘Kingdom’.

We’ve never tried the alternative and whilst people manically wave their flags in big numbers, we never will.

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