IGNORANCE is indeed bliss – but bliss only lasts so long.

Ignorance enables folk to take a Covid jab without worrying about the possible consequences….informed consent runs far deeper than ‘just take a look at this leaflet’, it means being told the known FACTS, benefits and ‘side effects’ and making and informed decision. Were that the case, the numbers taking it would be far lower.

Ignorance enabled folk to join the armed forces because you think you know who and what you are potentially fighting for and it’s a good cause. But you are never told WHO or WHAT you are really fighting for. If you were, some would sign up anyway because they love a good scrap, but most would run a mile.

Ignorance enables you to work for a corporation – me included! Because you think you know the motives of that organisation but most of us truly don’t. Unless you know the owners and are in their clique, you haven’t a clue.

Ignorance enables us to watch TV and read newspapers qnd form opinions on all manner of issues. But what do you really know about the motives and backers of media? How can you distinguish between truth and smoke and mirrors?

Ignorance is blissful because it enables us to do all these things – and much more – without straining our conscience.

But there’s another side and it turns put to be anything but blissful.

Ignorance can cause great harm, both to mind and body.

Thousands in the UK are now suffering the consequences of taking a jab they never needed in the first place. Some are chronically ill, others harmed for life, others already dead. That’s what not being given the correct information can do.

Countless are those either killed, crippled and/or traumatised because they thought they were ‘fighting for my country’. Yes, there are many who line up with their medals as programmed as when they score the oath to Crown, not country, but so many now realise they were misled, sacrificed and largely left to suffer the consequences alone.

And what have we got to show for serving those corporations? A small pension and a knowledge that you have made your masters richer and largely wanted the best years of your life

As for following those trusted sources of information what do you really know as a result of all that time? Do You know who you are? Do You know why we are here? Do You know where you are going?

Ignorance leaves a bitter legacy. Better by far to get informed


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