VETERAN scientist and medic Dr John Campbell bares his soul here – and I believe he is speaking on behalf of millions of generally less well informed people throughout the globe.

“I am reporting here on a breaking international scandal,” he says after Pfizer’s admission that they NEVER tested the vaccine for transmission before it went onto the market ie. into the arms of billions!

It’s useful here to know the context. Dr Campbell is pro vaccine and took the jabs himself. He has defended them in countless videos. Faiir enough.

But now he feels personally let down and visibly shocked because he is in a good position to know the implications of Pfizer’s statement.

He even reverts to sarcasm – which is not his way at all – because of the nonsense the Pfizer representative spouted in the European Parliament.

So why is he so angry?

Because he knows science and he knows the basics of a vaccine. Of course, a vaccine should be tested for transmission before Governments, health bodies and others promoted vaccine passports demanded that ordinary people got jabbed or they lose their jobs and other liberties.

You and I remember all too well the tone of Government propaganda: “Get vaccinated for the sake of others”. Even The Queen herself said that those who weren’t vaccinated were being ‘selfish’.

Now we know that at the time of being released onto the market, there was ZERO evidence that getting vaccinated could save others because that evidence wasn’t even sought!

International scandal? You’re toning this down. Dr Cam,pbell. This is criminal fraud!

It’s also useful in this video to note the You Tube guidelines which again follow a narrative that was never backed up with evidence.

People such as Dr Campbell have to jump through hoops to ensure they don’t say the obvious truth – the vaccine does not stop transmission, there was never any evidence to suggest it does.

Oh and by the way Moderna have made the same admission!

The anger of Dr Campbell is expressed here in sarcasm and disbelief.

The anger of less well educated folk may well be expressed in a far more violent way.

As the truth is revealed, things actually get worse for a while because it is so unbelievably shocking.


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